10 Reasons for Following the Rajput Policy of Reconciliation of Akbar!

1. Rajput as trustworthy race:

Akbar fully realized that the Rajput’s were most trust worthy as deceit was foreign to them. They would never betray their friend.

So he could depend upon them once they were convinced that was a friend to them.


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2. Hindus in majority:


Like a shrewd statesman, he was convinced that the Hindus formed the majority of the population and that the Rajput’s were the great champions of Hinduism. Therefore, he needed their help for establishing a strong empire.

3. Uzbeks not reliable:

Akbar could not depend upon the Uzbeks and the Afghans. He needed some trustworthy ally.

4. No reliance upon his relatives:

He also fully realized that his own relatives could not always be trusted as they were too ambitious for power and jealous of him. Thus to counterbalance them, he needed the support of the Rajput’s.

5. Large hearted men of Akbar:

He was large-hearted and tolerant towards those who extended their hand of friendship.

6. Need for best soldiers:


Rajput’s were a martial race, brave and trustworthy. So he could get the best soldiers from the Rajput community. Such was his need to carry out his policy of expansion of his empire.

7. Unstable political conditions in Rajasthan:

Akbar was an imperialist and an expansionist. He was aware of the disunity of the Rajput rulers. He therefore, utilized this disunity to exercise his control. Aggression as well as diplomacy proved very helpful.

8. Extension of empire with minimum warfare:

It is true that Akbar wanted to expand his kingdom. But at the same time he desired not to restore to unnecessary warfare.

9. Identification of the Mughal rule with India:

Akbar was a national ruler. He did not want to create an impression that the Mughal rule was foreign. He accordingly extended the hands of friendship towards the Rajput’s.

10. Geographical location:


Many Rajput states were very near to Delhi and there was the danger of attack by Rajput rulers. Therefore, Akbar adopted a friendly attitude towards the Rajput’s.