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The Empire of Harsha Vardhana

The empire of Harsha Vardhana was vast. His suzerainty also extended far and wide. Like Samudragupta, he kept the heartland of northern India under his direct administration and the rest of the territories under his dominating influence. Harsha's Empire included the kingdoms of Thaneswara or eastern Punjab, and Kanauj in the Gangetic Doab, and the regions of Ahichchhatra or Rahilkhand, [...]

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History of Harsha Vardhana

Read this article to learn about Harsha Vardhana’s Military Conquests, Administration and Socio-economic condition during his rule. Harsha Vardhana (606-647 A.D.): A graphic account of Harsha's family history is to be found in Bana's Harshacharita supplemented and corroborated by Chinese visitor Hiuen-Tsang's description of Si-Yu-Ki in the 'Records.' The Banskhera and Madhuban plates and royal seals mention five earlier rulers, [...]

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