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How was Time Measured in Prehistoric Period ?

In many ancient societies time was never consid­ered a measurable unit. To them if time was mea­surable one should be able to hold a basket full of time -the basket being the unit for measurement known to them. Measur­ing tangible objects must have been there since the prehistoric period, but time being not tangible re­quires conceptualization. In pre-literate societies one [...]

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3 Main Prehistoric Ages | History

The following points highlight the three main prehistoric ages. The ages are: 1. Chronological Ages 2. Economic Ages 3. Chrono-Cultural Ages. 1. Chronological Ages: Subsequently Garrod and Leakey in 1952 advocated the use of purely chronological nomenclature for designating prehistoric cultures. But it could not be used widely as Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods cannot be given any common and acceptable [...]

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History of Archaeology in India

In this article we will discuss about the history of archaeology in India. Col. Meadows Tylor of the early nineteenth century was one of the earliest to show interest in the archaeology of India. His interest, however, remained more concentrated on the south Indian Megaliths. Alexander Cunningham in 1861 and Robert Bruce Foote in 1863 began their explorations and recording [...]

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