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Biography of Ala-Ud-Din Khilzi (1296—1316)

Foundation of Khilzi Dynasty: With the passage of time, the course of the history of the Delhi Sultanate changed and the power transferred from the hands of the Balbari dynasty to Khilji dynasty. It is said that in his death, Balban heard the death knell of his dynasty. After the death of his eldest son prince Muhammad, Balbon had realized [...]

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Domestic Policy during the Ruling Period of Ala-Ud-Din

"He (Ala-Ud-Din) was a savage tyrant with very little regard for justice and his reign, though marked by the conquest of Gujarat and many successful raids was exceedingly disgraceful in many respects"-V.A. Smith. Theory of Kingship: In the matters of theory of kingship, Ala-ud-din like Balban believed in the divine right of king. Considering him as the representative of God, [...]

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Ala-ud-Dins’s Theory of Kingship

Ala-ud-Din's theory of kingship: Ala-ud-Din maintained that the Sultan was God's representative on earth. Ala-ud-Din's theory of kingship may be explained in the words of historian, Ashraf, "The Sultan of Delhi was in theory an unlimited despot, bound by no law, subject to no material check, and guided by no will except his own." image source: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3c/Sultan-Allahudeen-Gherzai.jpg The [...]

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