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Biography on the Pausanias

Biography on the Pausanias! Pausanias, son of Cleombrotus became the regent of his child-cousin Pleistarchus son of Leonidas, the hero of Thermopylae. He was a man of remarkable military ability who showed his worth in the battle of Plataea where he had to oppose an abler general than himself. But as Prof. Bury remarks, his talents as a politician were [...]

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Short Biography of Bairam Khan

Bairam Khan was a Persian Turk and Shia Muslim. He served under Babur, Humanyun and Akbar. He had also accompanied Humayun in his wanderings and gone to Persia with him. Humayun was so much pleased with his wisdom and loyalty that he regarded him as his most trustworthy follower and used to say, "There is no other so luminous a [...]

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