Some of the causes of the downfall of the bahamni kingdom are as follows:

1. Civil Wars:

There were constant civil wars in the Bahamni Kingdom. Of eighteen rulers, twelve proved ineffective against their internal enemies. Royal courts were full of intrigues.

2. Lack of any definite law of succession:


After the death of a ruler, there were several claimants to the throne. Obviously there were tussles for rulership.

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3. Two main groups:

The Bahamni Kingdom was founded by Muslim Amirs who had come from Persia and Turkey and settled in India. The – original inhabitants of the Deccan who had embraced Islam wanted equal share in administration. Thus there was a clash of interest of Indian Muslims and foreign Muslims.


4. Policy of religious fanaticism:

Some of the Muslim Sultans of the Bahamni Kingdom followed a policy of extreme hatred towards their Hindu subjects who constituted a majority of population.

5. Defective foreign policy:

The Bahamni Sultans followed a policy of war and enmity towards all their neighbouring states like Malwa, Khandesh, Gujarat, Telingana and Vijayanagara etc.


6. Excessive power given to provincial governors:

The provincial governors had been given the powers to collect revenue and to maintain a big army. During a weak ruler, the provincial governors started proclaiming themselves as independent.

7. Excessive disparity in living style:

It was observed by a Russian merchant A. Nikitin who stayed in Bidar for about four years (1470-1474) that the Amirs lived a very luxurious life whereas the common man lived a life of extreme misery and hardship. The common man had to bear the major brunt of the constant warfare of the Bahamni rulers.