The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic Civilization.

1. The Indus Valley civilization was essentially an urban civilization. The main occupation of the people was trade and commerce. The Vedic civilization on the other hand was essentially rural character, with agriculture as the main occupation of the people.

2. The Indus Valley people were icon-worshippers, whereas the people of Vedic civilization were opposed to icon-worship. The common gods of the Indus Valley people were Mothor-Goddess, Siva, tree,animals etc.

The people of the Vedic age on the other hand were nature worshippers the various objects of nature like Varuna, Indra, Prithvi, Sun. They even treated them as deities. The people of Vedic age attached great importance to fire. However, this was not the case with the people of the Indus Valley civilization.


3. The people of the Indus Valley civilization were completely ignorant of the use of the iron. The people of the Vedic age knew the use of various metals. They used gold and copper in the beginning but later on also used silver, iron and bronze.

4. The Vedic people attached great importance to cow and horse amongst various animals. The Indus Valley people were not aware of the use of horse and did not show the same regard for the cow or bull.

5. The Indus Valley people were much more advanced than the people of Vedic age in the art of writing. Various seals discovered from the Indus Valley suggest that the people had an independent script of their own. Though this script has not been deciphered so far it certainly suggests that they were more advanced than the Aryans.

6. The Aryan people took delight in games like horse racing and chariot racing which could be categorized as out-door games. The people of the Indus Valley on the other hand loved danc­ing and music and hence loved in-door hobbies.