The following points highlight the seven main types of ethnological groups in India. The types are:  1. The Dravidian 2. The Indo-Aryan 3. The Turko-Iranian 4. The Scythio-Bravidian 5. The Aryo-Dravidian 6. The Mongoloid 7. The Mongolo-Dravidian.

Ethnological Groups: Type # 1. The Dravidian:

The people of this group are chiefly found in Southern Peninsula. Their stature is short or below mean; the complexion very dark, approaching black, hair plentiful with an occasional tendency to curl; eyes dark; head long; nose very broad; sometimes depressed at the root, but not so as to make the face appear flat.

Ethnological Groups: Type # 2. The Indo-Aryan:

The people of this type are mainly found in Kashmir, Punjab and Rajputana. Their structure is mostly tall, complexion fair, eyes dark; hair on face plentiful; head long; nose narrow and prominent but not specially long.

Ethnological Groups: Type # 3. The Turko-Iranian:

The people of this type are found in North Western Frontier Province, Baluchistan and in the districts of Punjab and Sindh lying to the west of Indus. According to Risley these people are the mixture of Indian Aryans, Persian Aryans and Mongolo-Asiatic people.


Their structure is above mean, complexion fair; eyes mostly dark, but occasionally grey; hair on face plentiful; head broad; nose moderately narrow, prominent and very long.

Ethnological Groups: Type # 4. The Scythio-Dravidian:

People of this type are found in East Sindh Gujarat and Bombay. They can easily be dis­tinguished from the people of Turko-Iranian type by lower structure, greater length of head, a higher nasal index, a shorter nose and a lower orbit nasal index. The pre-historical races made maxi­mum contribution to this category of people.

Ethnological Groups: Type # 5. The Aryo-Dravidian:

The people of this type are found in East Punjab, U.P. and Bihar. Their head form is long with a tendency to medium, the complexion varies from lightish brown to black, the nose ranges from medium to broad, being always broader than among the Indo-Aryans; the stature is lower than in the later group and usually below the average.

Ethnological Groups: Type # 6. The Mongoloid:

This type is found in Burma; Assam and Sub-Himalayan tracts. The features of the people of this race are a broad head? dark complexion with a yellowish tinge; hair on face scanty; stature short or below average; nose broad; face characteristically flat; eyelids often oblique. These people are supposed to have come to India from the trans-Himalayan regions through the river valleys.

Ethnological Groups: Type # 7. The Mongolo-Dravidian:


The people of this type are found in Bengal, and Orissa. Their head is broad, complexion dark hair on face usually plentiful, stature medium, nose medium, with a tendency to broadness.