Read this article to learn about the Bahmani Kingdom which was founded by Alauddin Hasan:

The Bahmani kingdom was founded by Alauddin Hasan in 1347. After his coronation, he assumed the title of Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah (1347-58), it is from this title that the kingdom was called the Bahmani kingdom.

He established his capital at Gulbarga which remained till 1424, after which the capital was shifted to Bidar by Ahmad Shah. In the Gulbarga phase, Taj-ud-din Firoz Shah (1397- 1422) was the greatest Sultan.

The most important step taken by him was the induction of Hindus in the administration on a large scale. Ahmad Shah I was called a saint {wall) on account of his associa­tion with the famous saint Gesu Dara.

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Mahammad Shah III (1463-82) put to death his Vakil and Wazir Mahamud Gawan. Entitled Khwaja-i-Jahan he served three Bahmani rulers, Humayun (1457-61), Nizam Shah (minor) (1461-63) and Muhammad Shah III. As a great scholar and patron of learning he founded a magnificent college and a library at Bidar. After Gawan’s execution the Bahamani kingdom began to decline and disintegrates.

Breakup of the Bahmani kingdom:

1. The State of Bijapur was founded by Yusuf Adil Shah in 1489 A.D. Ibrahim (1534-58) was the first Bijapuri ruler to replace Persian by Hindvi (Dakhini Urdu) as the official language. Ibrahim II (1580-1627) was affectionately called Jagadguru by his subjects. Muhammad Adil Shah lies buried in the Gol Gumbaz. Bijapur was annexed by Aurangzeb in 1686.

2. Ahmednagar—The founder of Nizam Shahi dvnasty was Ahmad Bahri in 1490. This was conquered by Shahjahan in 1633.


3. Berar—The Imad Shahi dynasty at Berarwas founded by Fatullah Imad-ul-Mulk in 1490 A.D. This state had the shortest life span as it was annexed by Nizam Shahis in 1574 A.D

4. Golcunda—The Qutub Shahi dynasty was founded by Auli Qutub Shah in 1518. Muhammad Quli was the founder of the city of Hyderabad. Aurangzeb annexed Golcunda in 1687.

5. Bidar—The Barid Shahi dynasty was founded by Ali Barid in 1518. Bidar was later annexed by the Adil Shahis of Bijapur.