This article provides information about the various techniques used by history teachers to teach history:

In addition to methods of teaching, the History teachers make use of a variety of techniques for directing the learning processes.

Techniques of teaching should serve the ends and objectives of the society. India is a democratic country and in this country the teaching of history be conducted on democratic lines.

Prof. M P. Muffut correctly states, “All techniques should be in line with democratic process and relate to the goods desired in the study of a topic.

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Techniques are employed for getting the learning underway with guidance from the teacher. They should be selected as a means of serving the best purpose of a particular time with the result of growth for the individual.”

Various Techniques:

The following are some of the techniques used by teachers of history:

i. Narration technique,


ii. Drill technique,

iii. Examination technique,

iv. Question answer technique,

v. Illustration technique,


vi. Dramatization technique,

vii. Assignments,

viii. Review, and

ix. Supervised study.

These techniques are discussed at length in the following pages:

Narration Technique:

In this technique, the teacher narrates the topic and the students try to acquire knowledge through the narration. This narration is made with an eye on the interest, objectives and attitudes of the pupils. Teacher makes an all out effort to present the subject-matter in a simple, interesting and intelligible way. Many a times this technique is adopted to supplement the question-answer technique.

The teacher must keep the following points in mind while using this technique.

(a) The narration should be in accordance with mental and physical age of the children.

(b) The narration should not be too lengthy.

(c) While using this technique the teacher should supplement it with question answer technique.

(d) An effort is made to make proper use of various teaching aids.

Drill Technique:

It is the most widely used technique of teaching. It was originally introduced by Thorndike. It has become very popular among teachers because it can be used quite easily. This technique is based on the assumption that if a particular learning is revised several times, it becomes stable and permanent.

Drill is not a mere repetition of an act for the purpose of attaining perfection, but it is a serious work activity for obtaining perfection, formation of habit or fixing of specific facts for easy and effortless recall, “Drill” is sometimes used as a synonym for “Practice.”

The Drill technique can be used only in some specific aspects in teaching of history. It is quite useful in learning the dates and names of events.